summer workin’, happened so fast.

This week, many of my friends (students and faculty) are heading back to school, and while at CU, classes don’t start until next week, I’m reflecting on this summer and what I accomplished.

Like most others with lofty summer work goals, I fell a bit short of what all I wanted to achieve, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t knock some big things off my list. For one, my research assistants and I finished my field survey in the Philippines. 538 household surveys in 12 communities! And it wouldn’t have happened with out my great assistants – so I am forever grateful to them. Secondly, THE COCONUT LUMBER FINALLY ARRIVED. Just last week, lumber I have been trying to procure since January arrived at the office!!! In the coming weeks, we will be testing it for material properties – so if breaking things is your thing, stay tuned. I will have photos and videos from our tensile, bending, and compression tests. I also presented my second conference paper at the Engineering Project Organization Conference in Croatia and I’m continuing to work on our NSF and my comprehensive proposal.

Additionally, I took some time for myself this summer, whether it was bouncing around Europe following the conference, soaking up some sun on the Carolina coast with my family, and making the move to Denver. And having taken that time, I feel much more energized and prepared to start the next semester and season of my research. It’ll be a busy one, but isn’t it always?


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